Leeming Senior High School has a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ program, and we are committed to making digital literacy a priority. We understand the impact that new and emerging technologies will have in our students’ future and are dedicated to offer them with the best tools possible.

Students in Year 7 attend a weekly program to learn to apply digital information processes to their learning. We recognize the importance of ICT in the everyday lives of our students and are continually striving to find interesting ways to incorporate this into the classroom to enhance their learning experience.

Students can download Microsoft Office 365 through the Department of Education website which gives students free access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote. All you need is your school email address.


With the increased use of ICT comes a greater level of responsibility required from our students. Students must use the technologies in accordance with our school’s Electronic Devices Complete Policy. Part of our ongoing education of students includes ensuring students are aware of their digital footprint and encouraging students to consider carefully what they say and do online, during school and out of school time. Every year we invite Mr Paul Litherland – a former WA Police Officer- to talk to our students about internet awareness and what students can do to protect themselves in the online world.