Our Performing Arts department is the centre of the cultural life of our school. Performing Art courses are offered as electives through the year. We offer Drama, Dance, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Rock Music, Media and Visual Arts.


Offers a wide range of drama styles and performance opportunities through the school year.
Dance – Teaches students the basic dance skills, techniques and processes and prepares those students interested in the Upper School for completion of Certificate II VET Qualifications.


Dance is one of five subjects that make up the Performing Arts area. Dance can be chosen as an elective subject each semester from Year 7 through to Year 10.

Lower School 

The lower school  dance program aims to provide students with a broad overview of dance in today’s society and teaches students the basic dance skills, techniques and processes.

Upper School

If you chose Dance in upper school the dance course becomes a Certificate II VET Qualification. This is a nationally recognised certificate that is completed over 2 years (Year 11 and Year 12).
There are many events on the Dance Program Calendar such as:
South of the Swan Dance Festival (Term 2)
Sydney Dance Camp (School Holidays June/July)
Upper School Choreography Night (Term 3)
Lower School Choreography Night (Term 4)


Supported by the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) provides instrumental and vocal lessons as well as performance opportunities through the year. Entry to the IMSS is only by invitation.


Offered as a Film and Television class where we learn from script writing to film editing using professional software and equipment. Studies in Media allow Year 12 students to prepare for completion of Certificate II VET Qualifications.

Visual Arts

Students are presented both traditional and contemporary art making techniques that promote an exploration of various material and processes within a wide range of art forms.

The Performing Arts provide challenging and effective specialist and artistic education programs and preparation for exciting careers in the arts and associated industries.
Teachers are always seeking to increase the opportunities available to students both in and outside the classroom.
Many of our former students have made careers in the Arts, both on-stage and backstage. Our range of facilities and technical resources allow us to train effectively for work in the Arts industry.
Students are regularly selected for performances in public arenas, talent development projects, Regional and State Dance, Music and Drama Festivals.
We also have a busy in-house calendar of events which allows all auditioned students to perform in public at least twice a year.

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