The music program at Leeming Senior High School is supported by the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) and provides instrumental lessons as well as performance opportunities in a range of ensembles to selected students.

Music at Leeming Senior High School is divided into three equal parts:
Class Music: An elective class that students can select to be part of their weekly timetable.
Instrumental Lessons: Taught by an Instrumental Music School Services teacher. Students come out of their weekly class on a rotating basis to get specialist instruction on their chosen instrument.
Ensemble Rehearsal: Either before or after school, ensembles are practical lessons where students rehearse music for a number of performance opportunities throughout the year.

Students in the Music program are expected to take a responsible approach when it comes to learning their instrument and participating in ensembles. All students undertaking instrumental lessons at Leeming Senior High School are expected to be involved in at least one ensemble.

Music Prospectus

2020 Year 7 Music Program Enrolment Letter.doc

2020 Year 7 Request for Instrumental Tuition

2020 Year 8 to 12 Music Program Enrolment Letter

2020 Years 8 to 12 Request for Instrumental Tuition