The Science Department at Leeming Senior High School aims to encourage our students to learn basic Science facts, to conduct ‘fair’ investigations, to make observations and to analyse and communicate in a scientific way. We want our students to understand the principles and practice of Science and its relevance to the real world.

Our ‘normal’ classroom activities engage students in the study of Science in four broad Understandings – Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth & Space Sciences and Physical Sciences throughout Years 7 to 10.

For those that want to extend themselves and their involvement in the Sciences we offer:

• After-school classes through the Science and Technology Academy (STA).
• Competitions, such as Big Science Quiz, National Chemistry Quiz, Australian Society for Medical Research Quiz, Science Talent Search and the Crest Awards.
• Students in Upper School ( Years 11 & 12) can choose to do further studies in Human Biology, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at ATAR level.  A General Science Course (Integrated Science) is also offered for those students wishing to choose a non-ATAR Course.

To provide extra support and extension we have a ‘Scientist in School’ Program in association with professional Scientists and links with Scitech and local universities.

Over the course of any year there will be:

• Excursions – Perth Zoo, Perth Hills Centre, Curtin University, Murdoch University, University of WA, SSS Science Fair, AQWA, etc.
• Incursions – Robotics Courses, Nanotechnology, Scitech etc.
• Camps- Rottnest Island and Astronomy.

Students learn to fire-off rockets, build hot air balloons, monitor the growth of dieback resistant plants, dissect mice and rats, squid and fish, crash model cars, measure the growth rate of plants, answer daily quiz questions for National Science Week, build organic garden beds and so on.

The Science Department’s close association with the Science and Technology Academy has added an extra dimension to the delivery of our programs and provided exciting opportunities, not only for our STA members but also for non-STA students.

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