Excerpts from A Brief History of Leeming Senior High School – The First Twenty One Years 1985 to 2006 by Geoff Garnett, Foundation Deputy Principal, 1985 to 2001.

Leeming Senior High School was first considered in 1984 to address the large numbers at Willetton Senior High School. Leeming Senior High School commenced operation in 1985 based at Melville Senior High School.

“Right from the start, the parents and staff wanted a high school which had high academic stands and where students wore school uniform. The first communication … stated ‘it is our intention to run Leeming as a well disciplined, sensibly organised school with the emphasis  .. on attainment of high stands of academic performance.” (Garnett, G. 2006)

With an abundance of bushland surrounding the new school “… kangaroos, lizards and snakes were regularly seen on the site and even after the new buildings opened, kangaroos and snakes were occasionally sighted. [The] newly arrived Polish gardener wanted to know what that thing was hopping through the car park, and a snake captured in the Library remains to this day in the Science Department (bottle!)” (Garnett, G. 2006)

“On a bright sunny morning on Monday 5 February, 1986, Leeming Senior High School began its second year now in its brand new premises.” (Garnett, G. 2006) This also coincided with the commencement of the four term year being introduced in Western Australia.

Enrolments gradually increased and in 1989 there were 1018 students ranging from years 8 to 12. The numbers continued to rise where in 1992 1201 students were enrolled.

The school was officially opened on 23 August, 1989 by the Minister of Education, Dr Carmen Lawrence.

The original school crest incorporated the theodolyte, tree, arches and freeway.
THEODOLYTE – a surveyor’s tool. Its circle shape symbolises harmony and excellence.
TREE – symbolised the 7 branches of curriculum at that time. Trees in the location are the jarrah and banksia. The logo for the Leeming land development was modified and incorporated into the original crest. Trees are also symbols of knowledge and endeavour.
ARCHES – depict the architecture of the buildings. They symbolise support, security and protection.
FREEWAY – Leeming was based at the start of the Freeway. It symbolises travelling to new horizons, skills and understandings. The road forms the base of the tree.

In 2000 the school’s new logo and the adoption of the motto HARMONY AND EXCELLENCE was adopted. Using the traditional school colours, the new logo was depicted by a kangaroo paw with 5 fronds; one for each year group. The star at the end represented students reaching their potential; reaching for the stars. The kangaroo paw is representative of the bushland that still surrounds the school to this day.

In 2018 the school’s logo had a slight change by adding a new kangaroo paw. Up until 2014 High School began in Year 8, so we had 5 fronds to represent each school year. However, beginning in 2015, Year 7s started in High School. To have all 6 school years represented in our School Logo we added a new kangaroo paw.

In 2006, to celebrate the school’s 21st birthday a gathering of ex head boys and girls planted an avenue of twenty one trees between the school and the Recreation Centre. The formation of the Leeming Senior High School Alumni also marked the occasion.

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