The community of Leeming Senior High School, through its School Board, has chosen to have a designated School Uniform for the following reasons:

School Uniform

  1. Enhances a sense of belonging, equality and community spirit.
  2. Separates school from leisure time, focusing students’ efforts on learning.
  3. Prepares students for the expectations of post school employment.
  4. Assists the school to identify unwelcome strangers.
  5. Promotes a positive image of the school by ensuring a minimum standard of presentation of all students.

The P&C runs the Uniform Shop inside of Leeming Senior High School. Please click this links for the Uniform Shop  page with information on access and opening hours.

The links below have all the information in regards to prices, uniform items and dress code policies.

School Uniform

School Dress Code and Price List

School Brochure print

Order Form

Please be advised that the Principal has not set up any deadline to stop using the old uniforms. Students can use the old uniforms for as long as needed. 

For enquiries please call 08 9237 6858 (Direct) or the School Reception on 08 9237 6800