Within the parameters of the school’s Health Policy, Leeming Senior High School:

  • Will strive to be a drug free school and will promote itself as such to the school and wider community.
  • Will promote abstinence as the best method of preventing drub abuse, and harm reduction as a necessary alternative, providing it does not encourage or normalise drug use and abuse.
  • Will adopt prevention and intervention practices to ensure a drug free environment.

Our prevention guidelines are:

  • Best practice principles and strategies will be used in the drug education program for students.
  • Professional Development on drug awareness issues will be offered to staff.
  • The support of the school and wider community will be offered to parents to increase their knowledge and understanding of drug related issues. We have Parent information evenings, please contact the school nurse for more information and times.
  • Communication with, and involvement of parents will be encouraged.

Leeming Senior High School strives to be a drug-free school. A drug is defined as any substance with the exception of food and water which when taken into the body alters its function physically and or psychologically. This definition includes alcohol and tobacco. Breaches of this policy are serious and will be dealt with accordingly.