As per the Department of Education Policy, the use of mobile phones or other electronic devices for communication and filming (still and video) is not permitted. Filming people and their activities without their knowledge and/or permission is an invasion of privacy and is not allowed. The school does not recommend that mobile phones, IPods, MP3 players and similar electronic devices be brought onto the school grounds.

The school does recognise that there are times when it is genuinely appropriate and useful for students to have access to a mobile phone – for example, to contact parents during lunch/recess or before/after school, to confirm or change a collection time or place, or in an emergency before/after school.

It is not necessary, nor acceptable, for mobile phones to be switched on or used during school lessons. They can be a distraction to students, a disruption to classes and they also pose a security problem.

Any student who is feeling unwell at school and needs to go home must arrange this through Student Services. Under no circumstances may students use mobiles to contact home and make arrangements to leave. In order to fulfill our Duty of Care to students, a member of staff must speak with a parent/guardian regarding sick or injured students prior to leaving school.

If any headphones/earphones and electronic devices are brought onto the school grounds they must be turned off and not be visible at any time during classes. Please note that the security of these items is the student’s responsibility. The school takes no responsibility for the recovery of these items if they are lost or stolen.

The school, through its Duty of Care, can look at and download the contents of mobile phones and other recording devices confiscated or in the possession of students, for material that is in breach of school rules or content that is inappropriate. This includes laptops, CDs, DVDs, memory sticks and the like.

Any students found to be involved in recording, distributing or uploading inappropriate images or videos of students, parents or staff at any time will be suspended.

Mobile phones

The classroom is a work place and in school, as in society, mobile phones cannot be accessed in the workplace except when using a work related application. At no time can a personal device be used for filming during class, school devices must be used for this purpose.

Headphones/Earphones are not to be used or to be visible during class time. Listening to music is not permitted during class time.
As previously stated, it is understood that for communication and safety reasons, students may wish to have a mobile phone with them while travelling and during the school day. Students should ensure that their phones are always stored in a safe and secure place. The following points relate specifically to the use of mobile phones at school and during any school excursions, camps and extra-curricular activities:

  • Students should use their mobile phones only before or after school or during recess and lunch breaks.
  • Teachers may allow students to use a mobile phone in a classroom setting when using an educationally appropriate application under their direct supervision and instruction.
  • If the phone belongs to another student, the appropriate consequences will apply to both the owner of the phone and the offender.
  • When attending Physical Education and Design and Technology lessons, students must have mobile phones and other electronic devices switched off and placed in the designated areas during class times.
  • Students should display courtesy, consideration and respect for the rights of others whenever they are using a mobile phone.
  • Mobile phones should not be used in any manner or place that could be disruptive to the normal school routine.
  • Mobile phones are not to be used to record, distribute, display or upload images or videos of students, staff or parents on school premises. Any breach of this rule will result in a suspension and loss of phone privilege for 5 weeks.
  • Mobile phones are not to be used to record, distribute, display or upload INAPPROPRIATE images or videos of students, staff or parents at any time. Any breach of this rule will result in a suspension and loss of phone privilege for 5 weeks.
  • Students in Year 11 and 12 may use their device in class as an electronic diary or to photograph instructions or written work from the white board and/or screen. Students must seek teacher permission before doing so.

Laptops /I Pads/Tablets/School Devices

These devices are workplace devices and are to be used in an appropriate manner. Accessing any website or social networking sites for any non-curricular purpose is not permitted.

  • They can be removed from a student if conditions of use are breached.
  • They are only to be used for activities directly related to the Learning Area curriculum and used only when directed by the classroom teacher.
  • They are not to be used to record, distribute, display or upload images or videos of staff, students, or parents on school premises unless this is part of an activity supervised by teacher or other staff member. Any breach of this rule will r sult in suspension.
  • They are not to be used to record, distribute, display or upload INAPPROPRIATE images or videos of staff, students or parents at any time.

VPN, VPS Services

Bypassing our security filters is strictly prohibited and puts your device and the school network at risk. If detected, your personal device will be blocked from the network. You will need to visit IT Support staff in the Library to have access restored. Repeated offenses could result in suspension.

Any breach of these rules will result in suspension.

Consequences for Breach of the Electronic Devices Policy


Electronic Devices Complete Policy