Leeming Senior High School discourages students from bringing unnecessary items of value to school. Physical education staff will not accept student valuables for safe keeping during class time. Students should not leave valuables in the change rooms as up to 3 or 4 classes may use these rooms at any given time and as such security cannot be guaranteed. Therefore students who bring valuables to the Phys Ed area do so at their own risk. The Phys Ed staff will accept no responsibility for any loss of valuables.

No valuables including mobile phones and iPods are to be in the students possession or left on the sidelines during Physical Education classes. Items in pockets can compromise the safety of students in the class. Students not participating in class due to illness or injury are also expected to comply with these guidelines.

Laptop Computers/BYOD

1. Students are responsible for asking their teacher to open the storage area outside the PE change rooms prior to class and then placing their laptop/tablet in the storage area.

Suggestions for Student Management of Valuables

1. Leave valuables at home.
2. Use a school locker if available.
3. Arrange with a trusted friend (not in your Phys Ed class) to look after your valuables.
4. Attempt to organize storage at Student Services.

Sanctions for Non Compliance

Students who disregard these guidelines may be placed on detention or have items confiscated depending on the nature of the incident. Subsequent breaches of the policy will see the student progress through the schools BMIS behaviour management process.