Leeming Senior High School offers a welcoming, encouraging learning environment which provides support as well as effective teaching and learning for all students.
SAER students are Students at Educational Risk and are defined as: “those students who may be at risk of not achieving the major learning outcomes of schooling which enable them to achieve their potential.” There are varied reasons why students may be at educational risk. Students may have a learning difficulty or a medical or diagnosed condition which may impact upon their learning. Sometimes extended periods of absence or family trauma may be the reason why a student is at educational risk. The Student Services team work together to determine the individual students needs and then plan to maximise the resources available to support the student within their existing classes.

At Leeming we work closely with our primary schools and parents to collect information about our incoming students. This transitions process helps to identify students who may be at risk and require additional support. Students with a diagnosed condition in primary school may have access to Student Centred Funding Disability Allocation which enables them to access ongoing individual support from an Education Assistant.This close monitoring ensures continuity and assists in the smooth transition to high school.

The Student Services team provide ongoing case management of individual students, including liason with parents, agencies such as Autism Association, Therapy Focus, Rocky Bay, PMH, CAMHS and WAIDE as well as private speech and occupational therapists.

If you want any further information please contact the office:

Tel: 08 9237 6800

E-mail: leeming.shs@education.wa.edu.au